Accept Payments Online with the UW Payment Hub

With your UnitWise website, your clients can securely pay their invoices online.   To set this up, you can go to Settings >> Preferences >> UW Payment Hub.   

This will only be available for the Director Complete & Consultant Complete packages.

You will need to verify that no duplicate contacts exist with the same email address.  If there are duplicates, you can easily merge them within the Customers section of UnitWise.

The UW Payment Hub uses ProPay to securely accept online payments, therefore you will need to verify that your ProPay account is linked through UnitWise.  Settings >> Preferences >> ProPay

Once you click the check box in order to enable the UW Payment Hub, you can select whether you would like to allow your customers to view their product history as well.

To make your customers aware of the fact that they can pay their invoices online, we have created an email template called "UW Payment Hub" which can be sent to your customers to inform them of your online payment portal. 

After you save the UW Payment Hub, it will be added to your website.  There will be a "Customer Sign In" link at the bottom right of the page.  

Your customers sign-in with a username & password or create an account by clicking "Don't Have a Password"

When a client signs in to the payment hub, they will be able to see all of their invoices with detailed product information for each one.  These can be viewed and paid securely online with a credit card.  


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