Creating Email Templates & Sending Email Marketing Campaigns

With UnitWise, you can easily create email templates to be sent to hundreds of people, or just a small group.  The process for Sending Email Marketing Campaigns is as follows:
Create Email Template >> Save it  >> Create Email Marketing Campaign >> Send or Schedule it

To begin, you can go to Marketing >> Email Templates.  From here, you can see a list of templates that may have been created, and you can create a new template by selecting "Create Email Template"

Here, you can enter a Template Name, Email Subject, Category, and optional description.  In the "Email Template Body" section, you can compose the email itself.  The email can be customized with various fonts, images, links, and much more.  

One of the greatest features of the Email Template is that you can Personalize each Email Template with the name of the person you are sending it to.  In order to Personalize your email, you will need to select the Merge Field Options.  This allows you to add salutations like "Dear Sybil" or "Dear Mary" or "Dear Edith."  No matter how many people you are sending it to, the email can be personalized for each individual.  

This personalization can be done by selecting Merge Field: Contact, Field Name: First Name.


To send the email Template, you can go to Marketing >> Email Marketing.  

Select a name for the Email Campaign, and an Email From Name.

Under "Choose Template" you can select "Ready-Made Template" or "Write Now."  The Ready-Made option allows you to use one of the templates that you have already created.  The Write Now option allows you to write a new email now.  The Write Now option will not be saved to be sent again in the future.  

A subject Line for the email can be entered and you can select to send the email now or schedule it to be sent in the future.  

Under Target Contact Group, you can select the name of the Contact Group that you would like to send this to.  You may also send to individuals by selecting the checkbox for "Send Email to Individuals."  This allows you to enter a name or email of someone listed within your UnitWise account, and the rest will auto-populate.

To actually send the email marketing campaign, you can click "Schedule" or "Send Now."  

To Learn More about Sending Email Marketing Campaigns, you can watch the videos below: 


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