Donations, Personal Use, Expired, & Demo Products

As you use products for Personal Use & Demonstrations, you can track the transaction with UnitWise.  You can also remove Expired Products & Donations from your Inventory through the same process.  

For each of these types of transactions, you can create a customer (such as customers named "Personal Use" "Demos" "Donations" etc).  

After these customers have been created, you can view reports for them so that you can track the amounts that were used for each at the end of the year, quarterly, monthly, etc.

To begin, you can go to the Customer Center & select Add New Customer.  

After you name the "customer" you can go to the "Other Info" tab to change the default discount to 50%.  We recommend 50% because this would reflect the actual price that you paid for the item.

You will also need to change the default sales tax to 0%.  This way, UnitWise will automatically track the Non-Recovered Sales Tax for this customer.

To record the products that you use for personal use, demos, donations and expired products you can create an invoice or sales receipt.  Enter the products that were used for the "customer" and save the invoice, making sure that the discount is marked at 50% and tax is not added.


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