Website Page Templates

Your UnitWise website comes equipped with many different types of pages, including Page Templates for the following:
- Make My Own Page
- Blog
- Training Center
- Upcoming Events
- My Profile
- Link to Page
- Link to Document
- Menu Separator
- Guest Book
- Photo Gallery
- Special Recognition

To begin adding these pages to your website, you can go to Social Media >> Website and select the "Add Page" tab.  For each new page, you can enter a name & select a page template.  

Make My Own Page
The Make My Own Page template is like an open book.  Nearly anything can be added to this, including custom text, images, videos, HTML objects, spreadsheets, interactive forms, and more.   

An entire blog can be added to your website with this page template.  This allows you to create time-stamped posts about whatever you feel like writing about.  this is a great way to keep your website interesting & informative.

Training Center
A Training Center allows you to share files with your Team in one secure place.  You can upload Documents, Images, Audio Files & more.

Upcoming Events
The Upcoming Events page template is a calendar that can be added to your website so that your visitors can see your scheduled events & when they will be taking place.  

My Profile
This template serves as an "About Me" section of your website.  You can customize the questions & provide text for all of your contact information.

Link to Page
This allows you to add a new page on your UnitWise site that links directly to an external website.  This can be helpful for linking to Facebook, Twitter, or an online store.

Link to Document
Similar to a "Link to Page" template, a Link to Document adds a new page on your website that opens a document when clicked on.  

Menu Separator
A Menu Separator is an image file that can be uploaded to be placed between tabs on your page.  This helps divide sections of your website menus.  Unless you have some design experience, it may be best to leave this to the professionals since a custom image must be created for each one.  

Guest Book
This makes it easy for your website visitors to write notes for you on the website.  You can specify whether you would like your visitors' comments to appear automatically or you can moderate them individually.

Photo Gallery
A Photo Gallery page template is linked directly to the Photo Gallery section of the Resource Library.  Here, you can upload your pictures & organize them into albums to be displayed on the Gallery.

Special Recognition
Since UnitWise is linked to InTouch, you can automatically update reports for your Special Recognition Page.  This includes reports such as: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Court of Sharing, Court of Sales, Circle of Achievements, and More!


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