In Loving Memory of Senior NSD Lise Clark

SNSD Lise Clark
The Heroes at UnitWise are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Senior National Sales Director Lise T. Clark.  After a long and courageous fight with cancer, Lise passed on August 2, 2013.  Lise was one of our first NSDs in the UnitWise family, and she will definitely be missed in our UnitWise Family.

Lise began her Mary Kay business in 1984 and was so enthusiastic and so determined, she laughingly referred to herself as a “bulldozer.” Nothing was going to stop her from reaching the top. Within two years, she became an Independent Sales Director. One person who joined her unit was equally determined and that was her precious sister, Monique Balboa. The two together were a driving force, and soon Monique also became a Sales Director. Both began charting their course to become National Sales Directors. That dream became a reality for both of them in 2002. They were the very first sisters to achieve this pinnacle of success in Mary Kay, and our dear Mary Kay Ash was so very proud of them. The pride did not stop there, however, as their sister, Independent Future Sales Director Renee Thevenet-Rodbell also became part of the dream.

Along the way, Lise fought a courageous battle with breast cancer. With her husband, Randall, three beautiful children, daughter Kaitlin, and sons Wyndham and Brendan, sisters and family who loved her and many Mary Kay friends to support her, Lise tackled cancer with the same determination that gave her so much success in her career. Rather than despair, she took cancer in stride and ultimately found that the struggle and suffering built her faith, strengthened her marriage and gave her great compassion for others.

To read more about what you can do for the Clark Family during this difficult time, you can see her UnitWise Website.  


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