New Website Features Coming on 8.26.13

Thanks for such a positive response to last week’s email!  We like to joke around, and appreciate all the fun responses!  I would like to thank everyone for the kind words during my transition from UnitWise Product Manager to Vice President of Operations.  I am very excited about my new position, and look forward to see UnitWise thrive under Elena’s leadership.  

Some of the heroes think I have become a bit eccentric in my new position just because I am planning on decorating my new office with cardboard furniture!! The heroes do not share my enthusiasm for corrugated decorations, but I’ll prove them wrong.

Nevertheless, I have been testing our new Website Features and I am very impressed with the new integration of HTML5!  One huge benefit of this enhancement is the ability to customize your background or even upload your own pictures as your background in just 2 clicks. Today, you may want to use a photo of your Camry, and before you know it you can show off a photo of your Pink Cadillac as your background!

This new technology will be available as part of our Big Release on 8.26.13 but you can see it for yourself in this Exclusive Sneak Peek!

More UnitWise News Coming Soon!


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