Top Secret UnitWise News from Glenn


ATTENTION: After all these years of tireless work with UnitWise, I was told to give up my post of UnitWise Program Manager and give it to ELENA! I’m not happy about that!  To exact my revenge I’ve been hiding in the office plants for the past few days gathering intelligence about the new product release.   Before I move on to my new post, I’m going to release some TOP SECRET Information about the Big Release on 8.26.13 in a series of leaks.

As of 8.26.13, UnitWise will include some awesome enhancements to Email Marketing!  This will include detailed reports, email statistics & MORE.  I’ve posted a video on Facebook so you can See For Yourself!  

Uh oh, Here Comes Elena!  I Gotta Go....
More Leaks Coming Soon!


Get A First Look at the New Email Marketing Coming on 8.26.13


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