The UnitWise Tablet App for iPad & Android

The UnitWise tablet apps for iPad & Android have made it even easier for you to take your business with you wherever you go!

Your Contacts' information is available to view & edit directly on your tablet!  You can even add new Contacts or Leads On the Go & they will instantly be added to your UnitWise account.  Now you don't need to scramble for a pen & paper to jot down a new lead's information.

Your Inventory has never been more organized!  With our Tablet App, you can search by Product Categories, and see an actual image of each product.  After you select an inventory item, you can see all of its product details as well as your Quantity On Hand, Quantity Borrowed, Quantity Loaned, & More!

Tracking your expenses is now more concise than ever.  You can view your recent expenses, and add new expenses in just seconds.  So, if you are purchasing items for your business on the go, you can record those expenses right then and there.

Upcoming Events can even be viewed on the tablet App.  You can see the events on your Agenda, and click on them to view detailed information so you can prepare for your events no matter where you are.

Download this Free App Today to See How You Can Manage your Business from your iPad or Android tablet!  


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