Creating Gift Certificates in UnitWise

Holiday Season is on its way, and Holiday Selling has already begun!  This means lots of Holiday Themed Parties, New Seasonal Looks, & of course: Gift Certificates.

When you sell Gift Certificates for your products during the holiday season, you can record those transactions in UnitWise!  Giving you the greatest gift of all: An Organized Business.

Here are the steps in UnitWise:
  1. Create a product called gift card/certificate.  You may create a separate gift certificate category under Section1  -  Inventory>Products>Categories>Add New category>select Section 1
  2. Create Product: Inventory Products>Add new Product
  3. Create invoice and "Sell" the gift card to your customer for the price of the gift certificate.
  4. Collect the payment
  5. Create a credit for the customer  -  Customers>Credit Refund>Create Credit Refund>Credit memo.
  6. When a customer calls to claim the certificate offer, create invoice as usual and accept the payment by using the From Customer Credit option / Credit to Apply as a payment.
  7. Enjoy the Holiday Season!


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