Edit your Website Header & Background

Thanks to the New HTML5 website editor in UnitWise, it is easier than ever to edit your website information!  You can Even customize your Header & Background with just a few clicks.

You don't have to be an expert to learn these simple tricks!  Just click on the Header to change the text, color, font, and even add images.  

For your website Theme, you can use our "Themes" tab on the left to choose from the many UnitWise Theme options.

After choosing a theme, you can even update the background image by selecting the "Design" tab on the left.  Here you can choose one of the UnitWise background images, images from your library, or even upload a custom image.  

After making these changes, it is important to save your work by clicking the "Apply" button.

Here is a Video Guide for editing your Header, Theme, & Background:


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