UnitWise CEO Honored by Governor Nikki Haley

SC Governor Nikki Haley with Agie, our CEO
Last week at the Magnolia Room in Rock Hill, SC, Rep. Ralph Norman organized an event featuring South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.  Representative Norman has been a longtime friend of the UnitWise Heroes & invited Agie, our CEO, to attend this event along with other business leaders, and politicians.  

During his welcome speech and Introduction for Governor Haley, Rep. Norman recognized Agie for his exemplary leadership and presented him with a framed article from the Rock Hill Herald featuring Span Enterprises.   Upon acceptance of this acknowledgement, Agie was given a standing ovation from the entire audience in celebration of the tremendous success of Rock Hill's thriving small business community.  

Gov. Nikki Haley also acknowledged Agie in her speech, stating the importance that small businesses play in our economy. The Governor went on to speak about the new jobs that South Carolina has seen in the past few years including Boeing, Bridgestone, and Continental.  

The Governor's accomplishments during this term have been particularly interesting to us at Span Enterprises for the following reasons:
-  South Carolina is becoming the largest Tire Manufacturer in the US, and we offer multiple IRS E-Filing Products for Vehicle & Fuel Use Taxes including ExpressTruckTax, ExpressIFTA, & More.
-  Over 18,000 South Carolinians have transitioned from welfare to work in the past few years, and thanks to our cooperation with various state agencies, many of our current employees are included in that figure.
-  Boeing has expanded its operations in South Carolina by $1 Billion, and we have the seats from a Boeing 737 in our Office!  
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Fun Fact: Nikki Haley is South Carolina's First Female Governor, and at age 41, she is currently the youngest Governor in the United States!


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