Take Control of your Mary Kay Inventory

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Having the right amount of Products on your shelf is key to growing your business, you just don’t want to be overwhelmed with overflowing cabinets, baskets, and drawers. We have found some great tips to keep your customers shopping bags full without letting your inventory take over your house or pocket book.

1. Choose your storage location carefully. Is your MK inventory space in a secure, child-proof, temperature-controlled location? It’s best to put your products in a low-traffic area, this way there is less chance that anyone except for you (and maybe your assistant) will move or rearrange your products. Also keep your MK related essentials relatively close together. You do not want to store your products in several different places around your house because they can easily be misplaced.

2. Have a system & categorize your products: Try keeping your inventory organized by best sellers or in alphabetical order, what ever suits you best, as longs as you can quickly access the products when you need them. This will help you notice when products are growing scarce, making it easy to know when you need to reorder.

3. Label, Label, Label. If you are going to store your inventory in opaque containers make sure to label them, this  way you won’t be going through multiple boxes every time you need to fill a customer’s order.

5. File away your samples. If you place your samples in an accordion file by category or by alphabetical order, you will have quick & easy access to your sample packages. You can also bundle them in a separate box for quick access before you head out the door.

6. Do away with spreadsheets.  Instead of creating a new spreadsheet when your Mary Kay inventory shipment arrives, use UnitWise to update your inventory. To make it even easier, you can import it directly from Intouch. When you record a transaction using a sales receipt or Invoice your inventory will adjust itself.

7. Periodically review your inventory. Look at your Mary Kay inventory and see what products haven’t been touched in months and what products you constantly re-stock. By reviewing what products are top sellers you will be able to better understand your customers. Snapshot of Quantity on Hand report in UnitWise will help you to get a list of your entire inventory in a snap.

Also don’t be concerned if you are a new consultant and you are just beginning to build your inventory. Developing good habits now for keeping track of your inventory will better prepare you for the future.


UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay, any suggestions given above are for educational purpose only. Please consult with your Sales Director or Senior Sales Director before adopting a new business strategy.


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