Managing Weekly Accomplishments in UnitWise


Part of your MK business routine is keeping track of you Weekly accomplishments.It is best to enter your accomplishments into your Intouch account by Saturday evening this is essential in providing your director with a consistent activity report. UnitWise can easily help you track and organize your weekly accomplishments so you know exactly where your business stands & what new goals can be set for the upcoming weeks.

In order to simplify the data entry process, add your default WAS (Weekly Accomplishments Sheet) values under Settings>Preferences>General; that way when you add Sales Receipt information from any Invoice, the data will be automatically entered into you weekly accomplishments.

Add more details to your WAS from every Invoice or Sales receipt by first- choosing the Sale Type: Re-Order, Facial, Class, On-the-Go etc. Then add more information (Time spent, Number of calls, Interviews, Recruits etc) by selecting - Add Accomplishments.

Any time you need to glance at your Accomplishments, go to - My Team (My unit for the Director complete Package)>Weekly Accomplishments.

To view your sales for a particular party - click on the Arrow to the right of the Customer name. Every accomplishment recorded can be adjusted as needed. Listed at the bottom of your WAS will be your Weekly and Yearly totals.

By clicking - Next - in the bottom right corner, you will be able to view a Weekly Activity Recap & check your totals before adding Wholesale Order information for Section 1 and Section 2.

Set you your next week’s goal by clicking Next in the bottom right corner! Aim higher!

You can view your new Team Members by selecting Next.

From the Earnings Tab you can view the sales amount for the week.

If you click on the Summary tab you have the option to email your report to your Director. You may also click on Print WAS if you are planning to enter your accomplishments into Intouch Instead.

Please note that UnitWise values your privacy, no one but yourself or your designated virtual assistant can see your Weekly accomplishments in UnitWise.

If you have any questions about your Weekly accomplishments tracking in UnitWise, please contact UnitWise Heroes 704-234-6006.


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