Party Tracking

Mary Kay Ash once said, “If you are out of Bookings you are out of Business.” Did you know UnitWise can help manage your bookings & track sales made from each appointment? By following a few simple steps, you will be able to keep a running record of every appointment & party sales with our Party Tracking feature.

Of course everything starts with a phone call, as you speak to your Lead or your Customer, click on icon “A” to make an appointment:



Then fill in the details, making sure that the hostess and the party name are recorded. You may also add reminders and invitees.

All set! Enjoy holding your party appointment and record the sales generated at this party.

In the first invoice from the party you can record all the main accomplishments, be sure to indicate Party name and the Hostess Name in the accomplishments field:

Later, as you enter other sales from this party;  just enter accomplishments associated with particular ticket only.

In order to see the sales generated by your party, you can use the Party Sales report: Home>Reports>Sales>Party Sales.

If you have any questions about Party Sales Tracking, please, contact Heroes at UnitWise.


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