Adding Facebook feed to your website

    Adding Facebook feed to your website

Do you wish you could view your Facebook Feed on your UnitWise website? Well today your wish has come true! Embed your Facebook feed to your UnitWise website sidebar and stay connected with Team Members & Customers.

Here are the steps on how you can do it:

1) Log into your Facebook account and go to this URL:

2) Get the Facebook Embed Code and include it in the Change Html section as shown below:

3) Go to UnitWise: Social Media>My Website>Edit Site and open the Layout Settings> Change Html and insert the fb code just below the unitwise_sidebar div and add a new div with class =”unitwise_sidebar_fb” as shown below and this should enclose both the unitwise_sidebar and fb code divs. Click “Update & Apply Html to Public Site”

3) Then open the Layout Settings -> Change Style and search for unitwise_sidebar

and append , .unitwise_sidebar_fb to it and click “Update & Apply Style to Public site”.

If you prefer Heroes to install the Facebook feed into your website for free,
click here


UnitWise is not responsible for the content that may appear on your webpage via Facebook feed posted by Facebook users.

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