Helpful apps for Mary Kay Consultants

Helpful apps for Mary Kay Consultants

There are millions of apps available, but did you know there are apps specifically designed for Mary Kay Directors & Consultants. Join the technology revolution and check out these amazing featured apps!

1. UnitWise app 

is an easy to use, web-based program to help Independent Beauty Consultants flourish. We are linked to both InTouch and ProPay so that you can manage your business from just one place! It's a convenient, safe and secure way of doing business anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is login and get going. It is a freeing program - like going on a long trip and packing light.

2.Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover

It’s the first Mary Kay® Mobile Virtual Makeover app! Customize looks with endless combinations of eye makeup, lip colors, hairstyles, hair colors, accessories and more.

Choose a photo from your library, take a picture from your mobile device or select from a variety of models. Save your favorite makeovers and products, download your makeovers right to your mobile device, shop online for your makeover must-haves or buy the whole look with just a few clicks!

3. Mary Kay® eCatalog

Be in-the-know on the hottest makeup, the latest in skin care, global beauty trends, special offers, limited-edition products and more! Mary Kay® eCatalogs include "The Look," the exclusive shopping guide to everything Mary Kay; as well as special-edition eCatalogs that detail the newest products from Mary Kay. Get news on state-of-the-art skin care science, gift ideas, trend advice and more!

4. Mary Kay® Show & Sell

Present your Mary Kay® party like a pro. Or present on the go! The Show and Sell™ party app allows you to customize your presentations, based on the needs of your party guests. Play product videos and highlight products you want to show with the touch of a button. Create a wish list for each guest. Or, conduct your presentation on the big screen while privately viewing your Instructor’s Notes on the iPad. 


UnitWise is not affiliated with Mary Kay, any suggestions given above are for educational purpose only. Please consult with your Sales Director or Senior Sales Director before adopting a new business strategy.


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