Processing Returning Products in UnitWise

Processing Returning Products in UnitWise

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Nothing beats the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee offered by MK Directors & Consultants. To meet that guarantee, sometimes products need to be returned & replaced, but how do you process your return orders? Don’t worry UnitWise has the answer! Follow these step-by-step instructions for hassle-free Product Returns Processing.

First, create an invoice for your Customer indicating this product as Return to MK. This will create a credit on the Customer account that can be used for a replacement product or future purchases. View our helpful Credits & Refunds video for more information.

As the Return Invoice is saved you can proceed to Inventory tab>Replacements. You will see that the product is now listed there. You can enter the Day Code and the name of the products you are getting back in return from MK, then click Save and Create Purchase Order.

Please, keep in mind that this process is for tracking purposes in UnitWise only, you still need to log in to Intouch and process the replacement order in Intouch. To help you place your replacement order on Intouch you may refer to and print the Worksheet: Replacements>View History>Print Worksheet.

As the Replacement is saved the new Purchase Order will be created, you can find it by going to Inventory tab>Order from MK. When the order has arrived you may process it as “Received” in UnitWise by Opening the order>Receive Products>Receive all and Save. This way your inventory is updated in your UnitWise account.
Check out our video for more information on Processing your Product Returns.
Feel free to contact the Heroes at UnitWise if you have any questions about the Replacement Orders in UnitWise.


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