Managing your Unit WAS information


It is so exciting to have a team of determined women working with you toward a common goal, but how do you know if your team is on track? UnitWise offers you the tools to manage your Weekly Accomplishments Sheet (WAS) and keep your unit on the right track.

First of all make sure that your account is linked to Intouch, by going to Settings > Preferences > MK Credentials.

When you link your Intouch account to UnitWise you can schedule the basic Intouch WAS reports, such as Unit Anniversaries and Birthdays, Circle of Achievements, Unit Production details, etc. Once Scheduled your Intouch WAS reports will be imported directly into your UnitWise account Nightly or Weekly (Depending on the Report).

These reports can be exported to Excel and printed as needed.

UnitWise Director Complete Package offers anytime Sync so you can update your consultants' WAS info whenever you wish. This eliminates the need of having your busy consultants enter their WAS on Intouch by Saturday Night.

You can also view your entire Unit activity by clicking the Quick Glance option. Quick Glance allows you to easily find your top performers for the week.

You have the ability to export your WAS information as an Excel, PDF, or CSV file to create other reports and spreadsheets such as Monthly and Yearly totals.

If you have any questions about Unit WAS management, please contact the support Heroes at


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