Adding a Translator tool to your UnitWise website

If you have a multi lingual Unit or Customer base you may benefit from adding a Google Translate Tool to your UnitWise website to help your site visitors navigate your pages even if English is not their first language.

First go to the Google Translator tool page, then follow the prompts selecting your Translator tool preferences.

When you arrive to this page, please leave it open. (Section 1 and 2 are highlighted for reference later)

Next you will need to go to your UnitWise account >Social Media>My Website>Edit site>select Home Page and click on Source as shown below:

Then copy & paste the code from Section 1 of the translator page to the very beginning of your page code.

Make sure to click Apply to save the changes.

Then, click on Layout Settings>Change HTML>Paste the code in the place where you want the Translator Tool to appear on your website. In our case we wanted it to be right below the Header, so we inserted the Section 2 code this way:

Make sure that you click Update and Apply HTML to Public Site for the changes to take effect.

Go to View my Website to check it out!
Now your site visitors can select the Language preference to navigate your website.

If you have any questions about adding Google Translate Tool to your website, feel free to contact the UnitWise Heroes at


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