How To Create A Pinterest Board Widget On Your Website!

How To Create A Pinterest Board Widget On Your Website.

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Pinterest is an amazing social media platform to display, organize, and share all the things you love in the world. It is a great place to spark gift basket ideas, party favors, make up tips, storage solutions...just let your creativity run wild. Pinterest boards open a new portal of communication with your fellow Consultants and Directors and attract new followers.

Creating a Pinterest Board Widget is incredibly simple, and gives a visual representation of your boards that is invites followers.

Here are the steps:
  • Log into your Pinterest account and open the board you want visitors to see on your website.
  • In a separate tab go to the Pinterest Widget Builder. There are different widget options but the Board Widget is a great option to visually entice visitors to follow you on Pinterest.
  • Copy and Paste the link to your favorite board in the Pinterest Board URL
  • Then click Build it and a preview of the widget will automatically generate.
  • Next, copy the provided code
  • Go to UnitWise: Social Media>My Website>Edit Site, click on the page where the Pinterest widget going to be displayed. Then place the cursor in the desired position, then click Embed Media 
  •  Paste the code in the field (CTRL+V) >OK
  • Remember to save the Changes by clicking Apply on the left.
If you have any questions about how to add the Pinterest Widget to your UnitWise website, please contact heroes at 704-234-6006 or


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