Mary Kay Products From Around The World

Mary Kay Products are sold in 33 countries on five continents. Each market has unique products that are not sold anywhere else. Check out some of these Mary Kay products from around the world...

Mary Kay Hong Kong - Whitening Skincare Line.

This skincare line has a formula rich in unique MelaCEP TM whitening complex factors that help fight uneven skin tone and loss of vitality. Skin becomes perfectly clear and bright, creating a uniform color.

Mary Kay China - Shu Yan Skin Care Series

This set repairs redness and soothes sensitive skin. Set includes: Shu Yan Balancing Cleanser, Soothing Rapid Replenishment Serum, and Moisturizing Soothing Cream.

Mary Kay Australia - Zen In Bloom Collection

It's summer time Down Under and to celebrate, Mary Kay Australia released the Zen In Bloom Collection. It is no longer available in the States but the Heroes really hope they bring it back, we love the bright fun colors.

Mary Kay Russia - Sheer Dimensions Pressed Powder

These beautiful sheer shades have an illuminating effect that can be used as a highlight, eyeshadow, blush, or bronzer. The packaging is just beautiful, and the product is so versatile. The colors are Tender Pearl, Caramel Chiffon, Pink Silk, and Coral Lace. The pressed design reflects the name, how adorable!

Mary Kay Mexico - Heartfelt Fragrance Collection

 Check out the commercial for Mary Kay Mexico's Heartfelt Fragrances,  it's just too sweet!

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