Reinvigorate your Mary Kay business

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Start anew this year and refocus your  business for 2014. You can improve upon your 2013 sales with a little help from UnitWise and a positive attitude. We want to help you succeed and grow so we have put together the following tips on how to best put the pep back into your personal selling and productivity.

1. Network using your social circles.

Every consultant or director is trying to expand their clientele, so there may be strict competition and a limited number of potential customers in your area. To increase your odds of securing new business you must increase the number of people you speak to everyday. You want to let every person you come across daily know that you are available to schedule a party and give them a business card. Even when meeting people for the first time it is a good idea to “plant seeds”, talk to them about your business and your recent experiences helping women feel beautiful. Planting seeds may inspire them later on making it easier for you to eventually recruit them as a Consultant.

2. Make your parties memorable

Give your potential buyers not just great products to choose from, but a memorable experience they just have to tell all their friends about. Like Mary Kay Ash said, “Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, 'Make me feel important.' Never forget this message when working with people.” Find new party ideas on our UnitWise Pinterest board!

3. Educate your customers

Tell them about the benefits of each product you think they would love and how to use it. Get to know your customer, their lifestyle, and what they’re interested in so you can better sell to them. Also you should give them makeup upkeep tips such as when to replace mascara (every 3 months) due to bacteria buildup that could cause pink-eye and how to care for their makeup brushes. By giving them more information you will be more likely to get repeat customers.

4. Learn from your team

Make sure to go to as many meetings you can in order to absorb all the selling and cosmetic advice those ladies can offer. Your director is also a great person to look to for mentorship. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, the Mary Kay community is there to help you.

5. Use UnitWise!

We make sure that UnitWise helps you keep track of sales invoices, appointments, inventory, and even birthdays! Even on the go, you can use the UnitWise app (available on Google Play or in the App Store) to remind yourself of your daily tasks. Keep in touch with your team using our conference call feature and manage your finances with our reports.

Now is the time to breathe new life into your Mary Kay business, take advantage of all of your resources and reach your goals!


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