Creative Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine’s day is next Friday! So how do you wrap a simple bottle of lotion or a gift set for someone special?

Get creative and show your crafting skills by making themed gift sets and product presentations. Here are some great ideas to spread the love on Valentine’s Day.

A great idea for teacher’s...take the MK Satin Hands Gift Set or the MK Extra Emollient Night Cream. Trace out 2 hands on colorful construction paper and write a sweet message. Then either apply them to a bag with a colorful ribbon or to the product itself.
                                                         *photo courtesy of Pinterest:Tiny Oranges

Sometimes, us ladies just don’t have a special someone on Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean we should be lonely, Take an over-sized martini glass, or wine glass, and fill it with some kisses and a few pampering products like MK satin lips, or microdermabrasion set and have a girls night with all your girlfriends.
                                               *photo courtesy of Pinterest:Iris Abarca-Ortega

The ever popular Plush Animal is an oldie but goodie. How could you not fall in love with a plush animal holding your favorite MK eyeshadow, or lipstick?

                                                        *photo courtesy of Pinterest:KatGillespie

Make it a bouquet with a MK Collection and add chocolate flowers to sweeten it up!
In UnitWise you can create collections for your favorite holiday promotions, the collection can be added to an Invoice or a Sales Receipt as one product, and the inventory will automatically adjust for every product that was sold as part of a bundle. Making it easy for you to track your sales, products and promotions at the same time, click here to see how to create a collection.

                                                   *photo courtesy of Pinterest:KimberleeSeeman

Or let the box say everything, the MK Thinking of You set is the perfect gift to let a special someone know how much they are loved.
                                                    *photo courtesy of

The special man in your life shouldn’t be left out on Valentine’s day… the Limited-Edition Men’s Fragrance Travel Collection or the Men’s grooming kit would make a perfect gift.
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