Happy Valentine's Day!

Do you know why flowers are traditionally given on Valentine’s Day?

You can get your significant other chocolates, jewelry, cards, or a special present but you should never forget the flowers. Roses have been a classic V-Day tradition for as long as we can remember, they symbolize love - encompassing the entire meaning of Valentine’s Day. The gift of roses started with the love story of Saint Valentine. While he was imprisoned and awaiting the ruling of his sentence, he fell in love with the warden’s daughter. Before he met his tragic fate on February 14, 269, he left his love a letter with a single red rose. So romantic...in a Romeo and Juliet kind of way. Giving roses is always the best way to go if you are not sure of what to get, but a simple bouquet of roses can be easily turned into creative works of art…

First a twist on the classic - Flower in Vase
The rainbow rose would definitely show any valentine they are loved.

Arrange roses in a hotbox or cute little suitcase to give a Parisian touch.

Don't red roses look amazing in a giant martini glass?

Make your valentine (gasp) and say Aww that is so sweet!, by making a bouquet with music to their favorite song, or a map of the world.

Combine the idea of roses and delicious cookies that is just divine!


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