Interview with Senior Sales Director - Debra Bishop

We had the pleasure of speaking with Senior Sales Director - Debra Bishop from Kissimee Florida. She revealed to our V.P. of Digital Media - Charles Hardy, how she started with Mary Kay and her amazing fight against Breast Cancer, calling it her Joyful Journey.

Charles: How did you start your MK business?

Debra: 27 years ago my husband and I were on vacation at a resort in Florida and my children were 5 and 9 at the time. I had some friends come for a visit, and I'll never forget, my friend that was a flight attendant was doing Mary Kay. I did not believe that and said - "in'dt that nice" - they say that in the south to be polite. My friend later invited me to meek MK Directors and - being polite - I agreed and that's how it all started. Back then, rules were different: you needed to earn a car before becoming a director, so I went on target to earn my car and in 7 months I became a Sales Director.

Charles: How did UnitWise help you in your MK business?

Debra: UnitWise offers the best customer service than any other company I ever dealt with. Just as MK takes care of all skin care needs, UnitWise takes care of all aspects of MK business, everything is in one spot.

Charles: A little back story on how this interview came to be - Glenn went to visit your event Jump Start, the event you have become very famous for, and we wanted to know more.

Debra: I don't know if famous is a great word, but it has been happening for 18 years now. The first year, 21 people attended, and we kinda started to max out at 170 people now - just so everyone can get in. The kitchen staff is what makes it different, it is a family affair: my mom (81 years old) and her twin, and their cousin cook for everyone ~ the food is great! The event is very comfortable and no dress code, a lot of fun: dance games, party with a purpose, and the big goal is to change the heart. The change has to be on the inside. Pretty good event...different, but good.

Charles: What car do you drive?

Debra: The Mustang, my 14th career car and proud to have it. Got away from the Cadillac this year due to lack of tracking. Track, track, everything please, accountability is important!

Charles: Tell us about your journey through breast cancer.

Debra: In 1999, I was going through a routine mammogram and I heard the news no woman wants to hear. I was recommended a mastectomy. I researched and worked with MK and some of the Nationals immediately got me to the cancer center in Dallas, TX. Mary Kay has a wing named after her there, and on the advice of the doctors there, I did not have a mastectomy, and that is going on 14 years now. I did end up having chemo and radiation; I call it my joyful journey ~ the Lord allowed em to do it so that I can bless other women. My advice is - You are at risk if you have breasts. I was the first woman in my family to be diagnosed; no history, no warning signs. Be smart and do your breast exams. There is an app called I Heart My Boobies, it reminds you once a month to do your breast exam.

Charles: Could you share one piece of advice for Mary Kay consultants?

Debra: One thing that I regret is that I was not consistent, so be consistent about tracking. Let this journey be joyful.

Watch the entire Debra Bishop Interview and journey of becoming a Senior Sales Director, her Jump Start events, and her fight against Breast Cancer.


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