Deadline To File Your Tax Return

The deadline to file your tax return is Today (by midnight according to your timezone).

You can quickly run Year-End/Tax Reports in UnitWise. Every sales receipt, invoice, purchase order, loan/borrow, exchange, expense, etc is recorded in your account. If you need more time to file, you can extend your tax deadline, for 6 months by e-filing a personal tax extension, Form 4868, with our sister product

More About Form 4868:
Form 4868 - "Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return," is used to apply for an additional 6 months to file Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR, 1040NR-EZ, 1040-PR or 1040-SS. There is no explanation needed to file a personal tax extension, and the entire e-filing process only takes a few minutes.

Please note: Although you do not need to explain why you are filing a Personal Tax Extension, you are required to properly estimate your 2013 tax liability when you e-file a tax extension by the April 15th deadline. Filing Form 4868 does not extend the time for payment of taxes (only if you owe tax), it's only an extension to file your return.

Advantages of e-filing:
E-filing with is the quickest way to e-file your tax extension. The e-filing process is super simple and IRS confirmation is received immediately. If for some chance (which is slim) your return is rejected you can correct the errors & resubmit until it has been accepted at no additional cost. You can even e-file on the go using the ExpressExtension mobile site: Here is a video for more information on e-filing a personal tax extension with ExpressExtension:

Who can e-file a tax extension?
Anyone can e-file a tax extension with the IRS, and you do not need to explain why. If you have any questions about e-filing a tax extension, all you have to do is call. Our US-based support team, located in Rock Hill, SC would be more than happy to assist, you can contact them via phone: 803.541.5155 or email:


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