How To: Sending UnitWise Referrals

If you enjoy using something, you should share it with everyone. Do you know when you share UnitWise with your fellow Directors & Consultants, you can earn a free month subscription? It's true, here is how it works...

To start making referrals and earning a free month of UnitWise, you can send referral emails through UnitWise. For each of your referrals that signs up for at least 1 paid month of UnitWise, you will receive 1 referral credit. When you receive 4 referral credits, you get 1 month of UnitWise Free! 

To send these referral emails, just select the Referrals button within your UnitWise account.

This will bring you to the Referrals Tab, then you will select "Click here to send referral emails to your MK friends". Fill in your fellow Directors & Consultants on all the great features and tools UnitWise has to offer. A great feature to highlight is that the program is completely mobile and they can access all their business info no matter where they are.

Let every potential referral know they will need to enter your username as their "Referral Code" when signing up. If someone forgets to enter your user name as their referral code, they can always enter it from the Referrals page within their account.

For more information, watch our Sending UnitWise Referrals video:

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