How To: Instagram for Business

Our favorite Social Media Manager - Melody Juarez interviewed real life UnitWise Hero - Zoe Irizarry for the scoop on how Instagram can be used for your business. It's not just for duck-faced selfies and candid images anymore.

Lights, Camera, Action....
Melody (left) laughing at Zoe's (right)
"Insta-game" comment
Melody - So why did UnitWise decide to venture into the crazy world of Instagram?

Zoe - Don't you mean Insta-game? lol. Well, we wanted to give our followers and customers a chance to meet The Famous Heroes of UnitWise. We are always following the latest beauty trends and trying new techniques and want everything we learn with our UnitWise family.

Melody - What should followers expect to learn from UnitWise Insta-game (as you call it ;)?

Zoe - Followers will get to see a different side of the UnitWise team through our Instagram page. They'll learn about our office environment and some of our favorite things. We'll post videos and photos ranging in many different topics. Some will even give our followers a behind the scenes glimpse of everyday life as a UnitWise Hero, others will feature make up tips or trends we are loving. We really just want to show our followers who the UnitWise Heroes are and offer tips to help their businesses grow.

Melody - Any tips for MK Directors & Consultants who want to start their own Instagram?

Zoe - Great question! We'd suggest getting involved in the daily hashtags, such as #transformationtuesday or [our favorite] #throwbackthursday. Daily hashtags are fun ways to connect with followers and instantly be accepted into the Instagram community. Our tip is to take unique photos that will attract the attention of users, but also set yourself apart with unique captions. Also, try making your posts interactive, asking your followers to comment with a certain hashtag or answer a question you have in your post.

Zoe's fresh faced look for the day. So fancy,right?
This picture is definitely Instagram worthy
Melody - What advice would you give them if they wanted to start making their own Instagram videos?

Zoe - I love posting Instagram videos because they don't have to be perfect. They can only be 15 seconds, so make them fun and exciting! You can show your followers your favorite new products or a clip of a catchy song you heard live at a concert last night [where your MK makeup didn't smudge at all]. Or post a quick video of your favorite makeup technique, for example - the best way apply bronzer.

Melody - How can Instagram help a MK business?

Zoe - There are so many ways, where do I start? If you're having a sale or trying to build your team, you can post a photo or video and ask followers to comment for a special deal. You can interact with followers and ask them to re-post your photo/video to be entered for a chance to win a special gift or receive a discount. One of the many great things about Instagram is that it's mobile. So when you're at a party, take fun shots of the attendees playing a game (or before & after pictures) and post it for all your followers to see and enjoy. And don't forget when you get your Career Car, share it with your followers and tell them how you achieved that goal. Instagram is like a never ending scrapbook, the possibilities are endless!

Melody - For the final question, how can MK Directors & Consultants join Instagram?

Zoe - Joining Instagram are very simple. You can download the app on your smart phone/tablet from the App Store or Google Play. And the best part is, it's completely free. Once it is downloaded, just select the app and start creating your Instagram profile. It's that easy.

Zoe had some great tips for Instagram, now it's time to start posting. Once you sign up, make UnitWise your first follow and see what the Heroes have been up to.


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