UnitWise Celebrates: Memorial Day

The UnitWise Heroes would like to share some interesting Memorial Day trivia with you that you can share with your family and friends:

- Army General John Logan was credited for starting Memorial Day on May 5, 1868. He originally set it to be observed on May 30th of each year. It was not until 1971 we began recognizing Memorial Day on the last Monday in May.

- In December 2000, Congress passed a law requiring Americans to pause at 3 p.m.  local time on Memorial Day to remember and honor the fallen.

- In 1966, Congress unanimously passed a resolution to officially recognize Waterloo as the birthplace of Memorial Day.

-The commemorative tradition at the famous, Arlington National Cemetery, began in the latter years of 1950. Twelve hundred of today's military soldiers place flags on over 260,000 graves the Thursday before Memorial Day. It is then guarded 24 hours a day during the Memorial Day weekend to ensure that the flags remain standing. The national cemetery is located in Arlington, Virginia across the Potomac River from our nation's capital, Washington D.C.

- On May 30, 1868, President Ulysses S. Grant presided over the very first Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

- The World War I poem "In Flanders Fields," by John McCrea, inspired the custom of wearing red artificial poppies on Memorial Day. In 1915, a Georgia teacher and volunteer war worker named Moina Michael began a campaign to make the poppy a symbol of tribute to veterans and for "keeping the faith with all who died." The sale of poppies has supported the work of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

On a different note...

- Memorial Day is considered the Black Friday of Summer.

- Memorial Day is also an official start of BBQ or cookout season.

On this day, American's from sea to shining sea will be honoring the brave men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. The entire UnitWise team would like to extend their gratitude and appreciation for our military by saying - For all who gave everything, you are forever remembered in our hearts, and we thank you on this day - Memorial Day


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