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May 2, 2014

UnitWise Heroes Spring Favorites

This Spring has been blooming with great colors. Corals, orchids, and pastel hues are big favorites this season. With Summer right around the corner...let's see what the UnitWise Heroes have been loving this Spring...

MK CC Cream:
This product is Elena's favorite for Spring. It provides the perfect amount of coverage and is light for the warmer weather. If you have ever used a BB cream, this is MK answer to it. Essentially it is a moisturizer and foundation all in one. For those of us who are not a big fan of wearing heavy foundation, this stuff is amazing. Just a little dab of this CC cream and you look finished and ready to go. photo credit:

MK Nail Color:

Zoe's favorites are the new Spring nail polishes. MK doesn't always have nail polish, so these hot favs are a limited edition product. The Carefree Coral is a huge favorite this Spring. The Lemon Parfait is really fun for those sunny days. It's great to pair these two colors together by using the Lemon Parfait as an accent color on your ring fingers. The brightness just pops and the combination is a citrus burst. photo credit:

MK at Play - Lip Crayon:
Yasmine loves the easy wear of MK's lip crayons. This new colorful line from MK is popping up in beauty magazines all over the place. An instant favorite were the Lip Crayons. They come in great colors and are light & easy to wear. You can just throw them in your lipstick pouch for quick use throughout the day. And it comes in a coral shade - Coral Me Crazy. It's bright and fresh , but not in-your-face over the top. Love this! photo credit:

MK Eye Primer:
Brittany's eye makeup stays in place all day, thanks to her Spring favorite - MK's Eye Primer. There are a lot of eye primers out there, but not many that actually work. This little tube of amazingness packs a mighty punch of staying power. I have always had problems with keeping shadow to stay put, especially in the warmer weather, but with this stuff my shadow doesn't budge. The product glides on your eyelids before you put on your eye makeup, and primes your eyelid for your "paint" or shadow. It doesn't take much at all, so it will last for quite a while. photo credit:

MK TimeWise Day Solution:
Every Hero is loving this lotion. This product is part of a set, but out of the two the Day Solution is my favorite. It is light weight with the perfect amount of sun protection. I love how it illuminates the skin and has this scent that reminds me of the beach. Every time I put it on my skin, I just think of laying on the beach with my toes in the sand. This product is a necessity for the Southern Sun. photo credit:

What MK products are you loving this Spring, Share your Favorites by commenting below.

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