Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up this Sunday, and finding the perfect gift for dad isn't always easy. The UnitWise Heroes have a few great ideas for dad that would go great with the MK Men's Line. So when your at your next party or booking, here are some great ideas to share with your clients for Father's Day.

Made From The Heart
I always loved making cards and gifts for my dad when I was a little girl. Mom would lay out some newspaper and give me construction paper, scissors, glitter and paint. My mom always knew the card was sweet but what was inside was the real gift. While I would be hard at work creating the perfect Father's Day card, my mom would take picture of me covered in paint with pieces of construction paper stuck in my hair and put the picture inside the card. Every year my dad would get excited to see the giant mess I would make to create his glitter-tastic card.

So instead of going for a gift from the store, you could always give the kids some art supplies and let them make something special and capture the moment for lasting Father's Day memories.

From Your Kitchen With Love
It is really easy to add a special touch to breakfast before Dad heads out for that fun day of golf or a quiet afternoon fishing. If you didn't know, bacon is very versatile and can be baked into many different shapes and designs. I found easy-to-make bacon roses that are almost to pretty to eat - almost.
Be Sweet
When giving Dad something special from the MK Men's Line, you can always get the kids involved to sweeten things up. All over Pinterest are these great gifts of candy with cute little sayings to Dad on the cards. For example a jar of Reese Pieces has a tag that says "Love You To Pieces Dad" - too cute right?
These little candy gift ideas are super easy to put together. You would just need to keep the little ones from eating all the candy before Dad got it. When it comes to gifts for Dad, you can never go wrong with a little MK, something from the heart, and a really big hug. Subscribe to the UnitWise blog and always be in the know of the latest trends, makeup-tips, MK news and Share your Father's Day gift ideas with the Heroes:

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