How To Avoid A Family Beach Vacation Disaster

beach vacation tips
Beach vacations tend to reflect the oceans waves. Sometimes they are calm and relaxing, other times they are rough and beat you down. Don't worry, the UnitWise Heroes know a few great tips to guarantee some relief when disaster strikes on your family's beach  vacation. Swimsuit Up and let's dive into tips and tricks that will be your lifesavers this summer. (HIMYM anyone?)

1. Get Yourself Beach Ready First
Just like the instructions for applying an oxygen mask on a plane, you need to get ready before the kids do. Be beach ready, apply your sunscreen and pack your beach bag - all before you start to get the family ready. It will seriously make your life a lot easier.

Addition to applying sunscreen, hydrate, make sure to apply a lip protector, and pack your sunglasses in your bag so you don't forget them.

2. Food To Pack
Someone will get the munchies at some point, so it is best to pack some snacks so you are not hiking back to the rental. Fruits and Veggies are great snacks. There are some that help protect yourself from the sun's rays; any fruits or veggies with red pigment in the skins have added SPF benefits, like strawberries and tomatoes. It will help if you have a large bottle of water designated just to rinse of hands. It will really help keep sand off your food. And don't forget to pack plenty of water, a well stocked cooler will keep everyone happy.

3. Beachify The Family
Round up the troops and make sure everyone has on sunscreen and knows where their flip-flops/watershoes are. A great trick to get the kids to pack their beach toys, towels, shade tents and chairs is to have everything laid out that is going. Call out an item and have someone pick up that item and place it in the beach bag. For larger items that will need to be carried, line them up right by the door. Go down the list and then you are guaranteed to know everything was packed.

4. Finding The Perfect Spot
To best avoid those afternoon meltdowns when the kids are ready for a nap. Head to beach early. Then you can pick out a good spot before the crowd sets in. Once you have your little beach camp set up, and the kids are having a blast in the sand, turn on your favorite songs and just relax. Enjoy the sun and take lots of pictures to document your amazing vacation planning skills. 

Wherever you escape to this summer, remember to protect your skin from the sun and just go with the flow. It's going to be a great summer! Subscribe to our blog and share your beach vacation tips in the comment box below and on our:

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