Motivational Recruiting Tips For Your Business

team building tipsToday is a perfect day to build your team. You have the confidence, the knowledge, and the highest enthusiasm for what you do. Now it's time to build your team and put more of the MK happiness back out in the world. But sometimes your creative juices need an extra boost, so here are some great tips from the UnitWise Heroes to get you back in the team building game...

Be Prepared, Polished, & Passionate 
To keep your conversation as organized as possible, try having all the paperwork you will be going over in order. Be at the coffee shop early so you can greet her, and break out those fabulous new heels - they will be the perfect conversation starter. When you greet her, let your passion shine by being friendly and excited to share your MK journey with her. And no look is complete without your beautiful smile.

Book Parties
More parties, increases your customers, which in turn increases your team. When one of your clients wants to host a party, and it is their first one, help her out with some party tips. If you take pictures or videos at your parties, refer a new host to them to see how others have done it. Or put together a fun little tips cheat with food ideas or themes they could try. Planning a party is part of the fun, so if your hostess isn't sure what she should do to, provide her with plenty of information on where to draw up ideas.

Make Her Feel Special
When you're on your interview, don't forget you were in the same place as your potential recruit. Her concerns were your concerns, you were probably hesitant and nervous too. Making someone feel special is now second nature to you as a Director, but a potential recruit needs a little extra TLC if she is showing signs nervousness. A great way to make her feel comfortable is to talk with her, not at her and always pause to ask if she has any questions. Try to get to know her, like what treatments she uses to make her hair so shiny or where she got that fabulous bag. Your interviewee wants to feel like she is a friend and that you see potential in her. And don't forget to reassure her that managing an MK business is really easy with UnitWise - a program made exclusively for MK Directors & Consultants to help them achieve success at every level of their business ;)

You can do anything you set your mind to, so if you want to build an amazing team nothing can stop you. The UnitWise Heroes would love to hear from you! Participate in MotivationMonday and share your team building tips in the comment box below and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


  1. I totally agree with wearing something memorable and conversational! It helps break the ice.


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