Must-Have Products for Your Travel Bag

Vacation season is in full swing and your clients will need a few staple items to toss in their travel bag. You can anticipate their needs and create a travel set perfect for every occasion. Let's cover the basic issues your client might run into, and the perfect MK product to solve the problem (Vacation Preppers!):

Five-Minute (or less) Face - If your taking the kids on vacation, personal prep time is usually non-existent. To help your client achieve a flawless face in a few minutes suggest a few easy-application products like MK Cream Eye Color, waterproof mascara, and MK Cream Blush. You can even do a timed challenge to demonstrate how quickly these products can be applied.

Stress Proof Your Skin - Sometimes things happen on vacation that can...well, stress you out to the point your skin does the exact opposite of what you want it to (we have all been there). A perfect solution to keep your skin flawless in a stressful situation is to have the MK ClearProof Set in travel size. This set is the perfect amount for any vacation, and saves your skin from unwanted breakouts. Stress can come up in many forms, including a special visit from Aunt Flow, cell phones wanting to go for a swim, one sandal magically disappearing, your towel went flying off the balcony into the pool (6 stories below), the sand stained your favorite swim suit, kelp wrapped around your leg and you thought Jaws had returned to seek vengeance, basically any unplanned stressful situation.

CC Cream - In the summer heat, no one wants to apply too much product to their face. For the perfect lightweight coverage, recommend the MK CC Cream. This tube of perfecting amazingness (can you tell I love this stuff?) will even out your client's skin tone, provide SPF 15, wont clog pores, and is super easy to apply. There are more benefits, but i'll leave you to explain them to your client.

Sun Care - The MK SunCare line provides everything you need to protect your skin. This is a great set to put together for your clients. Include facts about how the sun's rays reach the skin, and what SPF means. The more informed your client is, the more they will realize how much they need proper sun care.

Easy solution for excess oil - When out and about in the summer heat, oil can build up on the skin - especially in the T-Zone. MK Beauty Blotter are the perfect solution to quickly reduce shine without messing up your Five-Minute face. The packaging is perfect for travel and can even fit in your wallet, clutch, or pocket.

For Those Late Nights - Staying up late is a necessity on vacation. Whether you go out and paint the town or stay in and watch a movie with a buffet of take-out food, the MK Indulge Soothing Eye Gel is perfect for waking up those tired eyes.

When it comes to Must-Haves for your travel bag the UnitWise Heroes suggest keeping it the essentials and go for 'travel-sized' options if available. What products must you have in your travel bag?


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