Tips & Tricks: Shadow Application and Blending

Who doesn't love a UnitWise Tips & Tricks makeup blog? Today it's all about eye-shadow application and blending (Yay!). Get out your MK Brush set (and brush cleaner, I love that stuff) and your favorite shadows, we're going to have some fun!

Those eye-shadow looks on celebrities and models that look so flawless may seem tricky to recreate, but trust me with the right application techniques and some blending tricks, there won't be a makeup look you can't do.

Shadow Application:
Tip 1. Prep, Prime, Perfect
You are going to put some effort into your eye-shadow look, and to make sure your hard work isn't put to waste, you need to prep your lids. After you moisturize, apply a primer to insure your eye-shadow won't budge. The best thing I love about primers is a little bit goes a long way. One tube of MK Eye Primer will last you forever and a day.

Tip 2. The Right Color
If you're not trying to match your eye shadow to your outfit (matchy matchy is always fun) you want to choose shadows that compliment your eye color.
  • Blue Eyes - Warmer shades will set blue eyes ablaze because blue is a naturally cool tone. Grey and slate colors also really make blue eyes pop. Just avoid putting too much color on your lid. It will distract from your gorgeous blue eyes. Best colors: Bronze, Champagne, Copper, Gold, Yellow-beige, Peach. 
  • Brown Eyes - Brown is a neutral color that doesn't tend to compete with colors in the same way the other eye hues do. You can really use any color combination. If you want a nice simple look, I would recommend warm bronze tones and a peachy shade. For more of a statement look,  purple and teal shadows will really make your color pop. Best colors: Bronze, Green, Peach, Purple, Navy, Teal.
  • Green Eyes - Any type of purple variation does wonders on green eyes. If you're not a huge fan of colors outside the neutral palette, a thin line of a deep purple shade on the upper lid makes your green eyes super intense. This is what I usually do, my green eyes look so much brighter with a thin line of violet on the top, or even just a nice tight-line of purple. Bronze, brown, golds, and rust-like shades also have a special effect on green eyes. Best Colors: Sepia, Rust, Purple, Pink, Gold, Brown.
Tips 3. Highlight
Highlighting will brighten your eyes right up. You just need to know the best places to apply a highlight shade: brow bone, inside corners of your eye, and on the bottom outside corner of your eye. 

Tip 5. Shimmer Carefully
There are right ways to use shimmer shadows and oh-so wrong ways to use them. A shimmery shadow all over the lid will have your eyes looking like a disco ball. If that is your preference or your going to the club, then shimmer it up boo boo. But for a day look, it is best to have the shimmer shade just on your lid, or in the middle of your lid, and use a matte shade in your crease. It will give you the perfect amount of sparkle with out going all Ke$ha on your eyes ( if you don't understand the reference: she rocks massive amounts of glitter).

Tip 6. The Dark Art of Dark Shadows
Dark colors can be tricky, if you apply them in the wrong place you can actually make your eyes look much smaller than they are. We can't be having that! For a fool proof plan, go light at the base and blend darker shades on the outer corners and just barely in the crease. This will make your eyes look bigger and all doe like.

Tip 7. Baby Your Brushes
After using your brushes, it is best to do a light cleaning to keep residue from building up. With the MK Brush Cleaner you get a lot of product and it is perfect for spot cleaning your brushes until wash day. You want to use a brush cleaner with a gentle formula that won't dry out your brushes and make the bristles stiff.

When it comes to blending the technique is super simple - side to side or circle circle. Seriously, that's about it for technique. What really matters is your blending brush. They come in a mind boggling array of shapes, density, and softness. Basic rule of thumb is to use a brush that is super fluffy and soft. MK has a great blending brush included in their brush kit that does an amazing job. The best way to create soft eyes is to move your blending brush in tiny circles to buff out edges and seamlessly merge each color.

These are only a few great tips for eye-shadow and blending. What tips do you have for application and blending? Share in the comment box below and on our UnitWise Social Media Pages:
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