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Jun 20, 2014

Ways To Play: MK Baked Eye Trios

How in love are you with the fun colors of the MK At Play Baked Eye Trios? The packaging is cute, the product is amazing, and the colors are bright and colorful. These little eye shadow trios are perfect for a fun playful look that enhances your eyes instead of over powering them. The UnitWise Heroes love to mix and match colors to create one-of-a-kind looks. Here are some fun looks to try with each trio:

Pinterest: MeghanJones
On The Horizon
Instead of going for a full on smokey eye with palette, try a nice blended look with all three colors. To make your eyes look super big, you want the lightest shade on the inner corners. Start the lighter shade of purple in the middle, and the darkest shade on the outer corners. Simply blend each color where they meet. Viola, gorgeous eyes.


Sunset Beach
Pinterest: KatelyneMarie
I love this trio. I have been all about the color of the summer: orange. For this beautiful eye look start with the lightest shade on the inner corners. Then apply the orange color starting from the middle and covering the rest of your eye lid. Blend the two colors where they meet. To create the smokey magic, you want apply the purple shade in the crease and on the outer corners. Just gradually build up the color until the desired look is reached.


Earth Bound
Pinterest: MaryKayMariela
You can never go wrong with earth tones. They look great on any skin tone and are always on the latest trends list. For this look, you will do the basic application technique of applying the lightest shade in the inner corner. Then apply the green shade in the center of your eye lid. It's your preference for how dark you want the shade to be. Sweep the brown shade on the outer corners of your eyes and shade up into your crease. Blend, blend, blend. Add a thin line of liquid eyeliner for more definition.


Electric Spring
Pinterest: MarthaAmador
This trio is just beautiful. Great colors for spring/summer and if you are a Charlotte Hornets fan, like me, this trio is great for game-day looks. For this look, I love how it resembles a wave. To help these colors really pop, make sure to have a primer and maybe a white creme shadow as your base. The white will make the colors very opaque. Apply the colors in the order they are arranged, starting with the lightest color. The first application with be light, so just build up the color until your reach your desired look.


The looks you can create with these gorgeous trios are limitless. There are so many ways to combine and blend the colors together to create fun day and night look. Play with color and have fun trying different combinations, what is your favorite trio?

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  1. My favorite trio is electric spring just love the look I get and the compliments I recieve when wearing the product!!


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