Do’s and Dont’s with Eye Makeup


Makeup has become a true necessity for women. Today, more and more women start using makeup at a young age. Whether it is for every day, for a romantic dinner, an evening with your girlfriends or any other special occasion, most of them use it very regularly and some of them cannot live without it. 

We have a lot of interaction on our social media every time there is a post of a makeup image or makeup tips about different ways to enhance your eyes and complexion. So we have decided to write this blog about the Do’s and Don'ts with your eye makeup.

You certainly do not want to look like a clown, so follow these tips to avoid any makeup mistakes and help you become a true professional makeup artist or consultant.


Many people think that to enhance the color of their eyes, they should use an eye-shadow of the same color as their iris. But by doing this, the makeup will take attention away from the beauty that is your eyes. So, instead, use complementary colors according to the color of your eyes. For example, if you have:

  • Blue eyes: choose natural colors such as brown, beige, or gray/black colors 

  • Green eyes: choose light pink, purple, brown, and gray colors

  • Brown or Dark eyes: choose tones of blue and green

When using multiple eye-shadows, use the lighter shadows, avoiding the heavy and dark colors, along the upper eyelid. Also, remember to use a highlighter or a light color shadow with a shimmer under the arch of your brow or brow-bone. It is important to know that you should never apply a dark eye-shadow on the upper eyelid if you have a drooping upper eyelid.

Applying Black Eyeliner

The most common error is to only use eyeliner along the lower lash line. This will make you look tired and fatigued. To make your eye pop and create a nice shape, apply the liner along the top line. Apply it by starting from the interior part of the eye going to the outside. If you want to apply the liner under the eye as well, make sure to apply a very thin line and then blend it nicely.

Be sure to keep the liner light and thin, avoid adding thick layers. Thick eyeliner applied to the upper lash line will look heavy and be a distraction from your beautiful natural eye color.


Some women want to recreate a super glamorous look and tend to overlap several layers of mascara in hopes of creating long and thick eyelashes.  However, when the mascara is not applied properly it can cause the opposite effect. Mascara can dry out, create clumps and leave flakes underneath your eye, resulting in an unprofessional look. To create the perfect, show-stopping lashes, apply a maximum of two or three layers of mascara, letting each layer dry before the next application. If you want to have longer and more curved lashes, you can use an eyelash curler.

Makeup is used to enhance and embellish your features, not to point out your imperfections. So, always choose the correct colors for your skin and eye color. Also, remember to start light and build to avoid over-application and achieve the perfect look.

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