How to Keep Healthy Hair

All women dream of having beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. To achieve the ultimate look, the UnitWise heroes are ready to reveal their secrets and give you some beauty and health tips.First know that if is not just a matter of using the right beauty products, but its important to eat healthy as well, in order to have long, strong, and silky hair. Here are some simple and easy tips to follow to avoid dry, thin and brittle hair.

1. Use the Right Tools
The #1 Rule is to use the right brush at the right time, depending on the condition of your hair. Be sure to use a hair brush with boar bristles to brush and a comb with large teeth for detangling. If you have damaged hair use hair repair and restoring products that condition and restore the hair fibers. They will nourish the hair thus regain its natural beauty. 
If you like to use hair dryers, flat irons or any other hot tools, apply a thermal protectant spray before use. These sprays will not only protect your hair from the heat, but your hair will be left silky smooth. Thermal protectants sprays are also great for protecting your hair in the sun. 

2. Choose the Right Hair Products
A crucial step for beautiful hair is to use the right hair products (shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gels, etc...), depending on your hair type. First you must determine which type of hair you have
  • Normal- if they have no particular problem 
  • Oily- if by the end of the day the roots are oily
  • Mixed- if the roots are very oily but the ends are dry and brittle
  • Dry- if your hair is brittle, lacking shine and are rough 
It is always best to stay away from products that have amounts of alcohol (look at the first 3 ingredients). Alcohol is very drying. If your hair is Oily, look for products that are oil free or clarifying. If you have a Mixed hair, use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner and then apply a leave in conditioner to the end before drying. For Dry hair, use moisture  shampoo and conditioner. Look for products with natural oils such as Keratin. 

3. Avoid Certain Foods 
Watch what you need! Food is the body’s main source of nutrients and not only affects the health of your body, but also your hair. To keep your hair in good shape, eat foods that are rich in vitamins B and E. Avoid fatty food and sweets. They will slow the growth of your hair. Here are certain food that you should avoid if you want healthy hair:
  • Sugar- It interferes with the absorption of proteins and reduces the rate of vitamin E, which is essential to the growth of the hair. I know it is not easy but try reducing desserts and late night sweet snacks. 
  • Soft drinks- Drop the can of Coke! Soda has no nutrients and contains a significant amount of sugar and sweetener that make your hair drier. 
  • Alcohol- Alcohol reduces the amount of zinc, folic acid, vitamin B and C in the body. So it stops the growth of the hair and may even lead to the thinning of your hair. So try not to exceed two drinks per day and no more than 4 for any special occasion.
Your hair is a sign of good health, and may reflect the health of your entire body. So do not hesitate to see your doctor if you worry that your hair is too brittle and falls out too much. However, if you follow these tips you have all the chances to have a healthy, strong and thick hair. 


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