MotivationMonday: UnitWise Email Marketing

Aren't you happy it's Monday! Mondays are the UnitWise Heroes' favorite day of the week. Why you ask?

Well let me tell you... Monday is the one day where you start getting motivated, plan for the week, and get excited about your weekend plans all at the same time. Its like an energy boost to kick start the week and get closer to your goals. August 1st is this Friday, so today is the best day to set up your beginning-of-the-month goals. 

Once you have your goals written down, now it's time to organize them and see what needs to be done first. The Heroes have a great suggestion for you; set up your Email Marketing Campaign for the end of summer to run throughout the month of August. Here are some things to check before creating your marketing campaign:
  • Check your inventory. See what items you have excess of , what items have been your top sellers for summer, and if you have any limited edition products. These can be your featured products in your marketing email. 
  • Update your discounts and coupons. If you have any items that just aren't selling as well as you would want them to, you can update your coupons to include these items, or run a weekly special to help clear them from your inventory. Remember Fall will be here before you know it and you want to revamp your inventory with the new Fall products. 
  • Create Add-On items. You have great sets already created for your clients but you can also include a great sales boosting tactic - The Add-On. If you have a client purchase one of your fabulous sets, you can offer Add-On items like a lipstick, eye-makeup remover, or gloss at a discounted price. This is great way to boost sales on new items like the True Dimensions Lipstick (which is amazing by the way! I can't live without this lipstick in Color Me Coral)
  • Create Goals for your Email Campaign. For you to have a successful email marketing campaign, you need to have set goals of what you are trying to achieve. Many goals can be achieved with email marketing campaigns including: repeat clients, new bookings, team building, etc. 
Once you have your goals defined and a plan set for your email marketing campaign, then it's time to create the campaign in your UnitWise account. 
MK Directors & Consultants are masters of the personalized message and this will come in handy when creating your Email Template. You can create a custom email template for your campaign to give it that something special. Then comes the content. The content you include in your email works best to your advantage if it is personable and creative. Basically what you would say to a client, but in digital text form. 

Once you have all your content in, proofread your email and make sure it is easy to read and there are not spelling/grammar issues. Then choose your recipients; this can be a particular group, individual, or to everyone. After your email is sent, you can track the progress with the new Email Marketing Reports Feature. You can easily see how many people the email was sent to, how many were read, how many were left unopened, how many people actually clicked the links you included, and so much more. This feature really helps you improve your email campaigns. If you ever have any questions about your Email Marketing Feature, give the Heroes a call and they will be more than happy to help you out. You can reach them via phone: 704.234.6006 or email:

These suggestions are only a few ways to utilize the UnitWise Email Marketing Feature to help you boost your business for August. What suggestions do you have for email campaigns for the end of summer?


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