Tips & Tricks: 4th of July Makeup

Is anyone else a Theme Queen? I love going theme-tastic on holidays and game days (big sports fan). Make-up is always a big part of any great holiday outfit, so take a break from trying to find the perfect top to go with your favorite shorts and let's see what fun makeup looks you can do for the 4th of

It's going to be hot, and probably humid, so go ahead and grab your eye shadow primer, waterproof mascara, and smudge-proof eyeliner. Then let's take a look at some Pinterest ideas for your look - 

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Here is a pretty simple look that can work for anyone. I love the way the blue is blended into the white - so pretty. This look seems like it could stand up to the summer heat and the matte red lips won't over power the bold eyes. It's just lovely. 

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This look is would be super fun, and the star of many 4th of July selfies. You really want to use a good eye primer for this look so all the colors don't blur together. I really like how there is a hint of sparkle on the lower lash line that blends perfectly into the blue on the outer corners. With this look you don't want to line your eyes with a thick black liner, or it might overpower your amazing eye shadow colors. I suggest a nice black tight-line on the upper lid and just a touch of mascara on top and bottom lashes. For the lips, I would go nude or pinky-nude to compliment the eyes. 
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If big bold color isn't your cup of tea, try a simple pop of color with liquid liner. For this lids just sweep a light white (or creamy shade) all over and up to the brow bone. Then line with a pretty blue liquid liner. You could a pencil too, but your line is always sharper with a liquid liner. Follow with your favorite waterproof mascara, to survive the elements, on top and bottom lashes. I would just add a tough of highlighter to the cheeks and a sheer tint on the lips. 

When creating your 4th of July look, remember to plan for the elements. It is going to be hot, so instead of full on foundation, try a tinted moisturizer and opt for waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Have a great weekend and Happy Independence Day!


  1. Thanks Misty for these beautiful tips and suggestions.


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