Tips & Tricks: Prep, Prime, Party

Seminar 2014 is finally here! (dance break) The UnitWise Heroes can't wait to see all the glamorous gowns
and flawless makeup looks that Seminar is known for. So it is super important for your makeup to not budge or smudge while you party the night away. Here are some great tips and tricks to Prep, Prime, & Perfect the MK way so you can live-it-up all night long...

You want your skin to be moisturized and toned before you move on to priming. The trick is knowing what order to apply your serums, gels, and moisturizers. How I remember it is; the more liquid-y products, like serums and gels, go on first because they absorb the fastest and moisturizers are last.

After your face is prepped with your moisturizing routine, you want to wait a few minutes before applying any other product. This will allow enough time for all the moisture to absorb in the skin. Next you want to apply your primer, eye primer, and lip primer. MK offers two amazing products for foundation priming; one is the MK CC Cream (my personal favorite), and the other is the MK Foundation Primer.

  • Marketing Tip: It is very important to match a primer and foundation with the same brand. Different primers have different bases and can actually cause your foundation to streak and not stay on your face. To insure the best staying power, you want your primer to be of the same brand as your foundation. This tip can be very helpful when clients are purchasing foundations.
When using the MK CC Cream, I like to warm it up on my fingertips for a second before applying it to my face. It really helps the cream cover my skin more evenly. The MK Foundation Primer has a very nice consistency and just glides right on. Once you have your primer on, your next step is eye makeup, then your foundation routine, followed by your bronzers, highlighters, and blushes. 
  • Application Tip: The best tip I ever received was to do my eye make-up before I applied my foundation. This way I don't ruin my concealer/foundation with shadow fallout or any mascara and liner mistakes. 
When you are ready to put the make-up brush down and your look is picture perfect (can we say #selfietime) it's time to set your make-up with the MK Makeup Finishing Spray. Spritz your face and let the amazingness set in and you are ready to party all night long.

Do you have any tips and tricks for a long lasting makeup look? Comment below or share on our:

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