Tips & Tricks: Going From Day to Night

The UnitWise Heroes have been hard at work during the day and out enjoying the summer evenings. They were discussing how they turn their office makeup into a chic night look quick, fast, and in a hurry. Now I know it's rude to eavesdrop, but they had some amazing tips I couldn't resist hearing about so I could pass them on to you.

The classic MK face for day can be easy transformed into a glamorous night time look. The trick of going from day to night is all about the planning. So let's dive right into the wonderful world of makeup and explore the best tips & tricks the UnitWise Heroes have to offer to create your perfect day to night looks...

The Prep
This part is crucial to seamlessly transform your look from office to party. Of course, always start out with a clean face that has been moisturized: this keeps your skin from drying out under your make-up. To enhance your foundation's lasting power, be sure to use a primer. This ensures your foundation to last all day and into the night with little to no touch ups in between. As a bonus, you free up some space in your makeup bag for extra lipstick (you never can decide on just one) because you are not having to pack any foundation for reapplication.

Planning for Perfection
The look you are wanting to create for evening will determine what you need to pack in your makeup bag. If you want to keep the focus on your eyes, then plan a smokey eye look, or a bold cat-eye liner with a nude lipstick. If your lips are going to be your stand-out feature for the evening then pack your favorite show stopping lipstick (reds, plums, berries, etc) and plan to keep your eye look simple with a nice winged out liner.

The Day Look That Easily Transforms Into Night Magic
Your everyday makeup can be slightly enhanced to take you into a night look where all you will need to do is add an extra shadow or just change your lipstick color. My favorite way to transform a day look into night is to simply thicken the winged liner on my upper lid and apply a red lipstick (I'm loving Firecracker from the new True Dimensions line). This look is super simple and takes less than five minutes.

Pinned by Marisha Guy

If you don't opt for the winged out liner look everyday like I do, then you can easily do a smokey eye. The trick to a smokey eye is all about blending. For day, just do your normal makeup look then add coordinating shades to add dimension. You will want to use a darker color in your crease and really blow it out on your lid to create that sultry-eye look. Make sure to add a nice highlighter shade on the inner corner of the eye and under the brow bone for that extra shimmer. This image pinned by Marisha Guy is a great example of how layer shadows for a night look (false lashes are optional, but aren't they fabulous?).

Now that we covered the eyes and lips, let's talk contouring....
Contouring for your night look will really make a difference. Contouring is easy, and with MK bronzer it is super simple. You want to apply your bronzer right above the temples, hollows of cheek, under the jawline, and the sides of your nose. The easiest technique is called "The 3" because you basically draw a three on your face starting right above your temple then hitting the hollows of your cheeks, and finishing with jawline. After you contoured your face, add a highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and down the high points in the center of your face: bridge of the nose, cupids bow, and chin. Read more about contouring on our Tips & Tricks: Foundations, Concealer, Contouring blog.

There are so many ways to transform your look from day to night. Just remember to use a primer so you aren't having to reapply your foundation, and if you want to keep it simple - changing your lipstick is the easiest way to transform your look. What tips and tricks would you share to create a simple day look that can be transformed into a glamorous night look?


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