Tips & Tricks: It's All About The Mascara

When I was doing my makeup this morning, I was lost in thought for today's Tips & Tricks blog. I get a lot of my best thinking done when I'm putting on my face, but today an idea just wan't coming to me. Then as I was applying my mascara in a new way it hit me-A Makeup Blog About Mascara! Genius right? I grab the phone and called up all the UnitWise Heroes to save the day with their best tips and tricks for applying mascara...

Brittany - The Super Sassy Hero
My new favorite mascara trick is using a primer. I use a lot less mascara and my lashes stay perfect a lot longer. I don't have to worry about fall out or smudging.

Elena - The Super Resourceful Hero
For the extra volume-velvet effect: apply the second coat of mascara 5-15 seconds after the first coat (before the first coat is completely dry).

Melody - The Super Wise Hero
I like to layer 2 different mascaras, one for curling and the other for lengthening. The key is to make sure they are both waterproof.

Yasmine - The Super Sweet Hero
There is always way too much product on my mascara wand when I pull it out of the tube. To fix this problem, I wipe off extra mascara on a tissue, or the back of my hand, to get off all that excess product before I apply it. The outcome is beautiful, clump-free lashes.

Ingrid - The Super Glamorous Hero
I hate when mascara gets all over my bottom lid when I'm applying it. It's so frustrating to remove and then go back over and have to redo my gorgeous smoke effect. So I use a plastic spoon and place it under my bottom lashes, with the convex side out. Then apply my mascara. If I do get it anywhere on my eyes, I let the mascara dry then take a q-tip and just flick it off.

Demetri - The Super Classy Hero
To make your eyelashes stand out and look even thicker, you can dive into the wonderful trick of tight-lining. All you do is apply a coat of black eyeliner to the upper waterline of your eyes. If you want to give your tight-line more staying power, dip your eyeliner pencil in black waterproof gel eyeliner and line the waterline. To see the effects, just do one eye and you will be amazed the difference it makes compared to the other.

Misty - The Super Whimsical Hero
I love wearing falsies, but if I wore them everyday it would interfere with my heroic duties. To achieve a false lash look without actually wearing any I coat my lashes first with a brown mascara. Wait a few seconds, then coat my lashes with a black mascara. Right now I'm using the MK Lash Lengthening mascara in brown, then go over it with the MK Ultimate Mascara in black.

Mascara can be applied in so many different ways to accentuate your beautiful lashes. What tips & tricks do you have for mascara application, big volume, curling, or any other little tidbit?


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