Tips & Tricks: The Perfect Pop of Color

The Perfect Pop of ColorIt's finally Friday (insert dance break)! Today's blog is all about creating that perfect pop of color. Are you ready to learn the latest Tips & Tricks from our wonderful UnitWise Heroes? I'm too excited for a lengthy introduction (might be the all the coffee), so we're going to jump right in and get to the beauty fun.

3 Perfect Color Pops For The Eyes

When it comes to adding a pop of color to the eyes, your possibilities are endless. The Heroes recommend 3 ways to apply your statement color to the eyes and to always start with a good primer to keep that color bright and vibrant all day long.

1. Upper lid liner - There is actually 2 ways to do this particular trend; it just depends on your preference - subtle or bold. You want to start with a neutral base for this look to really make the color stand out.

For a subtle pop, apply black eyeliner to the top of the lid and slightly wing it out. Then take your statement color in a liquid eye liner and apply a thin line right on the top of the black liner.

You can also apply a bold eye-shadow color as a liner, following with a thin line of black eyeliner right along the lash line. This application creates more of a smokey eye effect and the black eyeliner will make the color stand out more.

2. Bottom lash line - The Heroes really enjoy this trend. They recommend using natural shades on your top lid with a bold winged out liner in black or brown. Then line your bottom lash line with an eye crayon in your favorite statement color, or a shadow; liquid liners would be a little too harsh for the bottom lash line. Then slightly smudge the liner to soften it. If you have a mascara to match your statement color, you can coat your bottom lashes for that Little Something Extra. 

  • The MK At Play eye crayon in Purple Smoke is my go-to for this look. It really makes my green eyes light up and steal the show.
3. Accent The Tip of Your Winged Out Eye Liner - This application is super easy and is not too bold. Sticking with natural shadows on your eyes, apply a black winged out liner on the top lid. You can take a liquid liner (the MK At Play Bold Fluid Liner in The Real Teal is perfect for this) and apply it right above the tip on the outer edge. Very subtle but it is just the perfect pop of color.

 If you want something a little more edgy, then use an eye shadow and apply right above/below the winged out tip of your black liner. Using a shadow will soften the look so it's not a harsh line.
Adding just a little pop of color to the eyes is a fun way to play with shadows, liners, and eye crayons without being too extreme. It's really fun to match your statement color to jewelry, or to just accent you eyes. What are you're favorite colors to use for that perfect pop of amazingness to your eyes?


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