UnitWise Features Made To Motivate

First off, the UnitWise Heroes would like to congratulate everyone who received honors at Seminar 2014.
Everyone looked so amazing in all the pictures shared online! Now that you are super motivated and ready to take your business to the next level, UnitWise is right there to support you with everything you need.  To keep you powered up throughout the week, let's go over some of our custom features that are designed to motivate...

Custom Unit Website 
You probably have a website for your actual business, but you can also have a custom website for your team. Think of it like your virtual training camp that displays inspirational messages, How To videos, training videos, team member recognition, and anything your heart desires. There is no limit to what you can have on your website, or how many pages you want your website to have. UnitWise technology allows you to use our 59 pre-made templates (we're all about options) or a blank template that can be completely customized from top to bottom (this is the template where dreams come true).

Now when I say custom, I really mean custom. You can have every aspect of your site customized to your preferences and represent your current theme. We do provide a few customizing services that include banners and backgrounds and for more information, be sure to contact your UnitWise Hero.

Importing Accomplishments
This is a brand new feature to UnitWise and it is made for motivation. If you have all your weekly accomplishments in InTouch, you can have them all synced to your UnitWise account so everything is in one place. Because this feature is so new and exciting, call your friendly neighborhood UnitWise Hero for all the details. I will have all the Hero contact information below.

Free Conference Calling
Keeping track of your goals is the only way to achieve them. It is even more important for your Team Members to stay on top of their goals to achieve success together. Our Free Conference Calling feature allows everyone member of your team to come together and share updates, inspiration, and tips for business motivation. Each UnitWise account has a designated conference call number with an access code that stays the same so you can share it on flyers and email signatures. My favorite highlight of this feature is that if anyone misses the call they can dial into a recording and catch up on everything. AND (this part needed to be emphasized) if you record a call saying something inspirational, you can have your own Inspiration Hotline just by publishing the recorded call and letting everyone know about it. Daily inspirational messages, yes please!

These are just a few of the amazing features UnitWise has to offer. We also provide packages for every budget. Be sure to contact a Hero today for more information via phone: 704.234.6006 or 24/7 email: heroes@unitwise.com


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