MotivationMonday: Game Day Glam

Women love to show their team spirit on game day, but smearing colored face paint all over their delicate skin isn't very glamorous. The UnitWise Heroes have noticed that the MK makeup collection includes all the colors needed for a game day glam look, that won't irritate the skin. At your next party, or for you next marketing campaign, you can put together sports team themed sets for your clients.

Putting together a Game Day Glam Set

Eyes, lips, and cheeks will be the focus when creating different game day looks. Eye shadows are pretty simple to group together and the MK At Play eye liners are perfect for an extra pop of color. A few of the baked eye trios are already perfectly matched for some teams, like the Baked Eye Trio in Sunset Beach for Clemson. When putting together a set of the mineral eye shadows your can do 2 colors and an eye liner, the color combinations are endless. A primer would be a great item to include or suggest to keep a game look stay perfect all day.

Simple, Yet Gorgeous
For the clients that aren't so daring with  bright eye-shadow colors, a great recommendation for them would be an eyeliner in their team's main color and a fun lip gloss. Simple, yet gorgeous. 

Solving The Garnet/Crimson Color Issue
UW Hero Brittany actually solved this mystery. She is Carolina Gamecock fan and was trying to figure out what colors she would need for her game day glam look. She wanted a garnet eye shadow to go with the grey and white one she picked out, but there isn't one. Brittany then searched through the blushes and found the perfect shade she needed - Mineral Cheek Color in Dark Cherry. She also recommends the Cream Blush in Cranberry too. Both can be used on the eyes and work perfectly for that garnet or crimson color of teams like Carolina and Alabama.

A Perfect Representation
Words can only do so much when describing a game day glam look. Check out what the Heroes have put together to bring this look to life and see more game day collections on our Facebook Page...


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