Tips & Tricks: Fall Skin Care

First off, let me say Happy Friday! I know this week has just been something else. How bout we have a quick dance break (my favorite kind of break) and shake the craziness of this week off?

Now that your feelin' all groovy, let's chit chat about some fall skin care.

Not to hate on summer, but man was it hot. I'm so happy for cooler weather and I know my hair is too. My skin on the other hand is an entirely different story. In the summer I have combination/oily skin. More on the oily side to be truthful. Then when September hits and the temperatures start to drop my skin turns dry and patchy. I've learned that this doesn't just happen to me, it happens to a lot of people. Skin just likes to dry up in the fall and winter. But don't you worry, the trusty UnitWise Heroes have some amazing skin care tips that will help you fight the battle of dry skin.

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize

It's no secret that a good moisturizer can keep you skin from drying out, but that is not enough. Your foundation needs to work with your moisturizer and not against it. Matte foundations can be a bit more drying, and long wear foundations can also dry you out. If you need to wear these types of foundations, it is best to keep the time they are on your skin to a minimum. 

UW Hero Melody suggests to avoid piling on the powder; even translucent powders because powder can enhance the drying out of your skin. And honestly, my skin gets so dry I really don't ever powder my face in fall/winter. I just use the MK CC cream and I'm good to go. A finishing spray can help keep everything in place and give you a dewy glow that powder just can't do.

For your night time skin routine, opting for a more intense moisturizer will save your skin through the colder months. For summer I use the MK hydrating gel because my face is so oily. For fall I already switched to the MK intense moisturizer in preparation for the drying effect.

Remember moisturizers can only do so much. Drinking an ample amount of water will hydrate your skin from within and help you maintain that natural dewiness we all strive for. And to help keep a fresh face all day, spritz a hydrating finishing spray on your face and and your makeup won't stray.

What fall skin care tips would you recommend for dry skin?


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