Tips & Tricks: Luscious Lips

I was hanging out with the UnitWise Heroes the other day and we were swatching some samples of the new MK True Dimensions lipstick (#obsessed). The colors are amazing and the formula is great, but one of the Heroes started a little side chat about how she didn't think she could wear lipsticks because she wasn't blessed with giant full lips like glamorous movie stars.

Now I'm not one to eavesdrop (hold on my nose is growing), but this was one conversation I just couldn't stop listening to. After overhearing a few other concerns such as feathering and lipstick just not lasting as long as it is needed to, I accepted the challenge of putting together some great tips and tricks for the perfect pout....and some extra goodies so let's get started!

The "Oh No My Red Lips Are Starting To Feather And I Haven't Even Finished My Hair" Dilemma...

This was my life just a few days ago. I love a red lip for fall, but sometimes my red lipstick just doesn't love me back and will start to feather and fade right before my eyes. So tragic. UW Hero Brittany told me the best trick; prime your lips with foundation, nude lip pencil, or a lip primer and use a clear lip liner and your red lips will last all day.

It worked perfectly. Why had I not thought of that? So simple.

The "Ahh My Lips Look Thin, I Can't Post This Selfie To Instagram" Problem...

The Facebook angle (you know what I'm talking about) may be great to thin out your face but it can make your lips look a bit thin. There is a quick fix; a nude liner and a touch of bronzer underneath your bottom lip. I'm all about nudes right now and I love how a nude liner automatically plumps up my lips. Then to add a little bit more drama, I dust a touch of bronzer underneath the middle of my lower lip and like magic, they are fuller and just so kissable. This trick hasn't failed me yet.

The "This Lipstick Is Too Shiny And I Need A Matte Lip Now" Predicament...

UW Hero Yasmine had a great fix for this.
She suggested after you apply your lipstick put a tissue over your lips and dab some translucent powder over your lips. It not only mattifies your lip color but also sets it for long wear.

Not going to lie, it felt a little funny at first dabbing powder onto a tissue over your lips but it totally worked. Now all my more glossy lipsticks can also be matte, so exciting.

The "I've Tried This Ombre Lip Four-Time Already, Why Isn't It Working" Headache...

I fell head-over-heels for this look when it started popping up all over social media. Who knew you could have so much fun with lip colors? I would try and try but could never get it right. I watched countless YouTube videos and did my fair share of Pinterest investigating and still couldn't get it right. UW Hero Melody came to my rescue.

She said you need to start by lining the lips and start feathering the lip liner in from the corners of your mouth towards the middle. Then with the lighter color lipstick, start dabbing it on with your finger in the middle and working outwards. Then blend the edges for the perfect ombre.

This changed my life. I was starting in the middle and working out, instead of starting on the outer corners and working inward. Now my go-to nude lip is a more dramatic nude ombre lip - So Fancy!

Lipsticks are so much fun to play with, and I hope these tips & tricks from the UnitWise Heroes help you as much as they helped me. What are your tips for the perfect pout? We would love to know and try them out...share in the comment box below or hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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