How To: Top 5 Ways To Make A Lasting Impression At Your Next Party

Are you new to the wonderful world of Independent Beauty Consultants? The UnitWise Heroes would like to first say, Congratulations! It can be a little intimidating at first; planning parties, trying to make that lasting impression to build your clientele, learning how to run a business from home. Once you get that first client and hold your first party, then you are already a success. A great way to build your clientele at parties is not only selling products, but selling yourself as well. First impressions are everything, and here are some helpful tips to make that first party, and every party, a place for your personality and intelligence to shine bright...

1. Dress To Impress
Honey, those amazing shoes you just got are dying to make a debut at your first party. I would keep the dress and makeup simple, you know the MK way. I believe shoes represent your personality; so if you are a laid back kind of person a pair of neutral heels will compliment you perfectly, and if you are out going and bubbly wear shoes that signify that. Remember you can never have enough rhinestones and glitter..Never!

2. Be Confident
You probably hear this all the time, because it is true. Being confident is the key that will unlock your success at a party. When you are confident in speaking and knowledgeable about the products, you will have more fun with the presentation and your guests will be more comfortable and relaxed.

3. Introduce Yourself Memorably
Your introduction is very important. It is the first chance your guests will get to hear a little about you, get a sense of your personality, and in that moment they are more than liking deciding whether or not they will purchase anything from you. Your basically letting guests know who you are and what your all about say they no longer see you as only an Independent Beauty Consultant, but as a friend who genuinely cares about their happiness.

4. Tell Stories
Everyone loves a great story. Telling stories in certain places of your presentation makes you more relatable and your guests will feel like they are listening to a friend that they have had forever. Share information like the first time you tried MK mascara, or how your old skin care routine was just horrible compared to what you do now. When team building, your story of how you were first introduced to MK is always going to be big hit. Everyone wants know that story.

5. Know All The Benefits
A mascara is a mascara is a mascara, but what makes MK Ultimate Mascara better than all the rest? This is the kind of information that is best memorized. These questions will come up, and the more knowledgeable you are about the benefits of each product the more trust you will build with your clients. You can even guide them to certain products and explain why a product is perfect for what ever issue they have with their skin. When presenting you can always address certain concerns, like how to make eye makeup last all day, and go over primers, the right mascara, and setting sprays.

These are just a few tips to help you make those ever important first impressions. When your planning your first party, don't be intimidated by the presentation - you get to play with make up, it will be so much fun. Just remember confidence is key, and everyone loves a good story. If you are a Veteran Independent Beauty Consultant, what advice would you give to others for their first big party?


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