Halloween Makeup Challenge

Happy Halloween! The UnitWise team was in quite the ghoulish mood today and presented me with a surprise Halloween Makeup Challenge. I have been refining my special effects makeup skills, I accepted the challenge and had 3 models that were super excited to get their Halloween face on. So won't you join me for this weeks thrilling Tips & Tricks: Halloween Makeup Challenge.

The Rules:
The Heroes explained to me: I have to create a makeup look based on a prop or accessory they have. No time limit, but I need to keep it short - so they can get back to their heroic duties. Now, let's get to the fun.

First up is UnitWise Hero Brittany

She presented me with a black widow hair accessesory. After a few minutes of mapping out her face to where I was going to put in some webs and other details, I started smoking out her eyes. 

Eyes: On Brittany's eyes, I started with a red shadow and then went in the crease with black and really smoked it out. I brought the same red color on the lower lash line and darkened the outer corners with black. I really cut the crease with the black shadow to give the look a lot of drama. 

Web detail and spider: Since the veil of her black widow hair accessory falls on the right side, I concentrated the main detail feature of this look on the left. To create the web, I just drew lines with a black eye pencil and then lightly smudged it. I went in with a silver eye pencel along the black edges to create more depth and add a little shimmer. Brittany is a big fan of glitter, so to add a bit more sparkle, I went in with a glitter liquid eye liner and highlighted certain areas of the web. 

For the spider, I pulled up a spider picture to reference and started creating the head and torso with a black eyeliner pencil. I then drew on the legs and noticed the spider didn't stand out as much as I wanted it to. To fix this problem, I went in and shaded the spider with purple, green, and orange shadows. The colors really made the spider pop and give it dimension. 

Lips: Now a black widow look wouldn't be complete without some dark vampy lips. I first lined her lips with a deep red lip liner, then filled in the outer corners with the same color. Next, I took a deep, almost blood color, lipstick and applied it all over the lips. To give the lips more depth, I applied a deep violet lipstick with a lipbrush to the center and blended out the edges. To really bring the look together I went in with a little black creme shadow and applied it just on the outer corners - blending it into the red. 

To finish the look, I applied some mascara and sprayed her face with a setting spray. 

Next up was Hero Elena.
Elena came dressed as Lt. Uhura from Star Trek. 

Eyes: For her eyes, I kept it neutral with brown shades on the lid and in the crease. What made the look was the eyeliner. I created a big dramatic wing on the upper lid and really tried to keep the ends crisp and clean. After I drew the wing, I went in with a dark brown matte shade in the crease to give the eyes more depth. Then I coated her lashes with a lot of mascara to add a lot of drama.

Face: The face was really simple. I just contoured around her cheeks and jawline, then really highlighted the cheek bone.

Lips: For the lips I kept it simple again with just a nice pinky-nude shade. This look is really about the eyes, so I didn't want to go too crazy with a bold lip. 

Just a few simple applications of shadows and contouring is all this look needed. It came out so good, and I love how the big winged liner creates that 60s mod look from Star Trek: The Original Series. 

Hero Heather Wasn't Going To Miss Out On All The Fun

Heather handed me some cat ears and told me to go to town. Okay, that might be a little fib, she didn't really tell me to go to town, but I knew I could I do something really fun for a cat look.

Eyes: I actually kept the eyes really simple. I only used black eye shadow and an angle brush to create her winged cat eyes. Then I cut the crease with the same shadow and brought the line out to meet the winged liner.

Nose and whiskers: I wanted to do something sweet to match Heathers personality, so I drew on a little heart with black eyeliner to create her cat nose. I patted on a little black eyeshadow over the heart to darken it. Then to give it a little sparkle, I used a silver glitter liquid eyeliner to make a highlight in the nose. 

For the whiskers, I just used a black eyeliner pencil to draw them on. Then I went over them with an angle brush and a little black eye shadow to smooth them out. To highlight the whiskers, I underlined them with a silver eye liner pencil and added glitter to the ends. So Cute!

Lips: The look would't be complete with out a touch of lip color. I lined and filled in her lips with a nude shade. Then I just popped a bright pink in the middle and blended it out. 

Heather's Cat Look was so much fun to create. I think the little heart nose adds an element of fun that all cats have.

I believe I rock this challenge for the UnitWise Heroes. These looks were so much fun to create for them and I can't wait to see what looks you all created for Halloween. Be sure to share your makeup looks on the UnitWise Facebook page and in our Google+ CommUNITy


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